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U.S. Manufacturing History Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Milestones?

April 20, 2023
Our 10-question quiz covers a few centuries of U.S. production.

Editor's note: So, yeah, sorry about that. I'm a jerk and made this quiz much, much harder than I should have. I'm all for setting a high bar and encouraging learning through trial and error, but looking over the results, I clearly went overboard. So, please accept my sincere apologies for making some of our very intelligent readers feel less than brilliant. I'm leaving the quiz up, unaltered, but with an average score of 31% (as of this writing), the flaw was clearly from me trying to show off how much cool information I'd researched, not from your lack of knowledge. Sorry about that, Robert Schoenberger, editor-in-chief, IndustryWeek.

Take our quiz.

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