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Manufacturing Business News: $131 Million in EV R&D, 4D Printing and Other Headlines

Jan. 29, 2024
IndustryWeek parent company Endeavor Business Media publications report on smart redundancy, hydrogen engines, customer standards and more.

While we have a great staff of dedicated editors here at IndustryWeek, we can’t write about everything. So, here’s a roundup of news from our parent company Endeavor Business Media’s many news brands.

  • Sustainability, Traceability, Visibility: New Rules and Tools for Complex Manufacturing. In this Smart Industry article, Henrik Hulgaard and Henrik Reif Anderson analyze new standards that customers expect and manufacturers need to stay competitive.
  • Navigate Chemical Supply Chain Disruptions. Chemical Processing Executive Editor Jonathan Katz takes a closer look at how chemical manufacturers can use digitalization and effective communication with suppliers to overcome new challenges in the sector.
  • DOE Announces $131M to Strengthen America’s Battery Supply Chain and EV Innovation. 27 projects will receive $71 million to lower the cost of EV batteries, advance EV charging systems, increase EV drive range and create equitable mobility access. In addition, the United States Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC) of Southfield, Michigan, will receive $60 million for advanced battery R&D. Learn more about the domestic battery supply chain in this Energy Tech article.
  • Bosch Doubles Down on Hydrogen as Key to Trucking’s Sustainable Future. FleetOwner Editor-in-Chief Josh Fisher reports on Bosch’s plan to launch a hydrogen engine for heavy-duty long-haul applications. The supplier announced the engine is expected to launch in 2024 in an effort to bolster a clean-energy economy.
  • Key Trends in Manufacturing Shaping the Future of Metalworking in 2024. “Ideas once confined to the pages of science-fiction, like AI and the metaverse, must be embraced with an open mind, and combined with practical Industry 4.0 approaches to interconnecting machines on the shop floor,” writes Hakan Aydogdu. See what other transformative technologies will drive growth in the metal fabrication industry in this New Equipment Digest article.
  • 4D Printing: The Next Dimension of Advanced Manufacturing. We all know length, width and height, but 4D printing includes the new dimension of “time.” This Machine Design piece by Sarah Goehrke explores how this advanced manufacturing process works and the potential applications.
  • Boosting the U.S. Semiconductor Supply Chain. A new survey being launched by the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) aims to determine how domestic companies are sourcing legacy chips. Supply Chain Connect reports on four recommendations by the BIS to boost U.S.  semiconductor production and reduce national security risks.

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