Got Opinions about Manufacturing? IndustryWeek is Looking for a Few Good Contributors

April 21, 2018
If you know the nuts and bolts of the business--and can express your ideas clearly--we've got an opportunity for you.
Do your loved ones' eyes glaze over at the dinner table as you regale them with stories of your latest continuous improvement win, or how you increased employee engagement on the shop floor? Do your friends smile and nod uncomprehendingly when you mention first-pass yields, or how tariffs are affecting the bottom line at your machining operation?

Maybe you need a more receptive audience: IndustryWeek's readership of manufacturing executives and managers.

In my new role as senior editor/community manager, I'm looking for contributors who understand the issues manufacturing leaders face who want to share their best practices, in exchange for their byline in IndustryWeek.

You can contribute as much or as little as you like--one-time articles are OK, too, if you've got a particular story you'd like to share. 

Interested? Contact me at [email protected]

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