Compressed Air Challenge

March 26, 2010
Training to help improve your compressed air system and save energy

North American industry faces high costs for energy and an increasingly difficult economic climate. The Compressed Air Challenge (CAC), which promotes energy efficiency in industrial compressed air systems, has expanded its activities and participation to help industry surmount these burdens.

The CAC is a non-profit voluntary collaboration of industrial users; manufacturers, distributors and their associations; consultants; state research and development agencies; energy efficiency organizations; and utilities. This group has one purpose in mind -- helping companies enjoy the benefits of improved performance of their compressed air systems. The mission of CAC is to provide resources that educate industrial users about optimizing their compressed air systems.

Contrary to popular belief the CAC does not perform free compressed air audits, nor does it certify compressed air auditors, but has developed its very valuable fleet of products in association with the leading industry experts and consultants.

The CAC has trained over 10,000 compressed air users since 1999. However, the United States has about 770,000 factories, with most using compressed air. Add to this the substantial number of Canadian plants and the opportunity becomes evident. Therefore, the CAC has not only broadened its reach through the new initiatives described below, but has expanded its opportunities for participation.

Training, Information and Tools
The CAC offers three training programs: Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems, Advanced Management of Compressed Air Systems , and, with the U.S. Department of Energy, Qualified AIRMaster+ Specialist Training. The organization also has a full offering of free and fee-based educational materials, such as the Best Practices for Compressed Air Systems , Guidelines for Selecting a Compressed Air System Service Provider and, Improving Compressed Air System Performance: A Sourcebook for Industry.

New products include:

* Web-based Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems Training --A web-based version of the classroom training geared to increase participation in this valuable resource;
* Best Practices for Compressed Air Systems Second Edition - An updated edition of the 2003 manual.
* Log-Tool - An import tool that significantly enhances the usability of AIRMaster+, a software package developed by DOE which is designed to help you maximize the efficiency and performance of your compressed air system through improved operations and maintenance practices.
* Newly defined levels of compressed air system assessment services, published in combination with an updated Guidelines for Selecting a Compressed Air System Service Provider.

In addition to the above, the CAC's online library is home to a wealth of resources, including fact sheets, tip sheets and case studies on a variety of topics.

The Compressed Air Challenge (CAC) is pleased to announce the second offering of Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems WE (web-based) on May 14, 2010. This web-based version of the popular Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems training uses an interactive format that enables the instructor to diagram examples, give pop quizzes and answer students' questions in real time.

For more information visit CAC

Ron Marshall, CET, CEM is an Industrial Systems Officer at Manitoba Hydro and member of the CAC Project Development Committee.

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