ToyoTags is How Toyota Talks to Its Customers

Aug. 3, 2011
Toyota can deliver customized marketing campaigns to on-the-go mobile consumers.

Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc., is widely adopting SpyderLynk's mobile barcode technology across multiple marketing and branding initiatives to engage consumers throughout the United States. SpyderLynk, a mobile marketing technology company and created the SnapTag, a logo-centric 2D mobile barcode.

Toyota had been using the Quick Response (QR) Code which was created in 1994 by Toyota subsidiary Denso-Wave. It was initially used to track parts for vehicle manufacturing - and, at the time, was considered ahead of the curve in inventory management innovation. Flash forward 17 years, Toyota sought a barcode technology to extend their marketing efforts and get ahead of the innovation curve. Using the SnapTag dubbed the "ToyoTag," the company can deliver customized marketing campaigns to on-the-go mobile consumers.

"We're delighted that Toyota is adopting the SnapTag across so many marketing channels and using it in so many innovative ways," said Nicole Skogg, SpyderLynk CEO. "They are truly unlocking the potential of this new technology and their full scale adoption of SnapTags puts them in a position to optimize their engagement and relationship models."

Consumers with any camera phone can snap and send ToyoTags, while those with iPhone and Android devices can download the SnapTag Reader and scan to get the information, promotion or content that Toyota is offering.

"ToyoTags enable consumers to engage with us wherever and whenever they want information," said Michael K. Nelson, Interactive Communications Marketing Manager at Toyota. "Our goal is to develop campaigns and content that best meet the needs of customers at different stages of the purchase cycle."

Powering the ToyoTags is SpyderLynk's Smart Marketing Platform which provides Toyota with the opportunity to customize campaigns using sophisticated algorithm-driven responses that are contextual and can be based upon a myriad of factors. From providing vehicle and safety information, vehicle quotes and vehicle care information to offering mobile giving campaigns like the Japanese Tsunami Relief Fund and the US Tornado Relief Fund, the company is embracing mobile. ToyoTags are being prominently used to engage consumers through print publications, online portals including the companys website and on product display signs at events such as the LA and Detroit Auto Shows.

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