Oreck Corp. Opens New Plant In Tenn. To Keep Manufacturing In U.S.

Oct. 24, 2006
Company urges others to follow their lead.

Oreck Corp., manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, air purifiers and other home products, opened a new manufacturing facility in Cookeville, Tenn. on Oct. 24 in a move to keep manufacturing in the U.S.

"We consistently produce the highest quality products in the U.S.," Tom Oreck, CEO, Oreck Corp. said. "We are able to adapt more quickly to consumers' needs. This is a real competitive advantage," he continued. "Our business longevity proves the consumer in America wants and will buy quality when given a choice."

With a loss of nearly 2.8 million American manufacturing jobs since 2001, Oreck's decision to open a plant in Tenn. was applauded by Tenn. Gov. Phil Bredesen. "Oreck's selecting Tennessee underscores the value and productivity of our workforce and brings an economic boost to the area," he said.

Oreck, a 43-year old company wants want others to follow their lead. "We urge companies to recognize the importance to the economy of stability and growth in the U.S. manufacturing sector," said Tom Oreck.

The Oreck family was named "Heroes of Katrina" by CNN. After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Oreck Corp. was the first to reopen a plant on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, just 10 days after the storm. They were also first to reopen a national headquarters in New Orleans. Oreck saved jobs and also brought in food, water, housing, generators, medical supplies and counselors for their employees in the aftermath of the worst natural disaster in the history of this nation.

"My Dad, David Oreck, founded this company in 1963. The support of our employees, suppliers and the American public helped it grow," Tom Oreck said. "The way employees stepped up after disaster is validation of the American workforce."

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