Defining Web 2.0

June 8, 2007
9 terms to know.

It's easier to show than tell, so here's a quick rundown of 10 2.0 terms along with a representative link.

  1. Blogs: Interactive online journal or commentary on one or many topics (see the IW forums for 3 IW Blogs).
  2. Collective intelligence: any system that attempts to tap the expertise of a group. Examples include Dell's Ideastorm "crowdsourcing project" and the research connection site
  3. Mashups: aggregations of content from different online sources to create a new application or service. See a Google map mashup of the IW Best Plants 2006 winners at
  4. Podcasts: audio or video recordings available over the Internet, such as the IFS Radio Network, available at
  5. RSS (Really Simple Syndication): a method of pushing internet content to subscribers. Subscribe to the IW RSS news feed for up-to-the-minute manufacturing information at
  6. Social networking: online communities that allow members to learn about each others' skills, talents, knowledge, etc. Some companies use internal systems to help identify experts, or use external networks, such as for recruiting.
  7. Web services: systems that automatically communicate to pass information or conduct transactions over the Internet, such as online inventory updates or the free Google Apps software-as-a-service office suite.
  8. Web widgets: scripted online tools that present an easily accessible way of viewing and performing independent tasks on one Web page (visit
  9. Wikis: systems that allow users to add and edit content for collaborative publishing. Visit to view the continually evolving last chapter of this bestselling book.

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Brad Kenney is the former Technology Editor of IndustryWeek and now serves as director of the mobile/social platforms practice at R/GA, a global marketing/advertising firm in New York City.

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