The Century Club: 10 Manufacturing Companies That Have Reached the 100 Year Mark

April 11, 2023
It isn't easy but it can be done. Meet 10 manufacturers that began in 1923 or earlier--and are still going today.

Meet the Century Club's latest members, 10 U.S. manufacturing companies that have achieved the astonishing age of 100. Over the past decade, we at IndustryWeek have regularly saluted manufacturers that have weathered the thick and the thin, the good times and the hard times, the swells and the troughs of making a physical product--and are still here to tell their tales. 

Congratulations to these manufacturers and the more than 100 others that we have focused on in past slideshows saluting resiliency in manufacturing. The companies in this slideshow are displayed in alphabetical order. 

Here are links to a couple of our previous salutes: 

(The above photo is courtesy of Brighton Tru-Edge.)

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