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July 16, 2021
Presenting the top content at from July 9 to July 15.

Falling productivity. Skilled labor shortages. Striking workers at Volvo Trucks. Many of the top-read pieces of content at over the past week shared less-than-positive news. It wasn't all bad, though. Richard Branson's flight toward space intrigued readers in the IndustryWeek manufacturing community, and a discussion about sustaining manufacturing excellence attracted lots of attention.

If you didn't catch these stories when they first appeared on, now is your opportunity to easily find them and give them a look. As well, there is plenty of other compelling material to meet your manufacturing interests.  Without further ado, the top content at from July 9 to July 15.

  • Falling U.S. Manufacturing Productivity Is Cause for Alarm Read now.
  • The Skilled Labor Shortage Threatens Manufacturing Sector’s Fully Recovery Says Study Read now.
  • Strike Three: Striking Volvo Workers Reject a Third Tentative Agreement Read now.
  • Boeing to Reduce 787 Production after Identifying New Jet Issue Read now.
  • 'Experience of a Lifetime': Billionaire Branson Achieves Space Dream Read now.
  • Can You Screen for Marijuana? It’s Complicated Read now.
  • 5 Considerations for Sustainable Manufacturing Excellence Read now.
  • US, Mexico Resolve Union Dispute Under USMCA Rules Read now.
  • Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries of 2021 Read now.
  • Arrival EV Progressing With Strategic Partnerships Read now.
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