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Popular Manufacturing Reads in July

July 30, 2021
IndustryWeek once again shares the top content on over the past week, as identified by the IW manufacturing community.

A broken talent pipeline. Addressing stress in the CEO suite. Longer lead times and fewer materials. These are a few of the topics that captured the interest of our IndustryWeek manufacturing community over the past seven days. 

We've pulled together the top 10 reads over the past week to provide you with an easy package of informative information that you can quickly review. Nevertheless, there exists a wealth of great reading beyond these selections to help you do your job better. 

Without further ado, the top reads are: 

  • Who is Taking Care of the CEO? Read here.
  • The Manufacturing Talent Pipeline Is Broken. With Radical Collaboration, We Can Fix It Read here.
  • What Happens When You Need the Same Chips as the Major Automakers? Read here.
  • What the EEOC Says about Requiring Vaccines at Work Read here.
  • Building the World's Largest Telescope Read here.
  • USDA Grant Helps Monarch Tractor Impact Farming, One Farm at a Time Read here.
  • Tesla Mints Nickel Deal with Aussie Mining Giant Read here.
  • Metalformers Face Longer Lead Times, Material Shortages Read here.
  • Manufacturing Is Behind Other Sectors in Diversity, and It’s Hurting Innovation Read here. 
  • Mexico Disputes US Application of USMCA Rules on Autos Read here. 
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