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Words of the Week: Top 10 Recent Reads

Sept. 3, 2021
These were the most read items on IndustryWeek.com over the past seven days.

Electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles captured readers' attention over the past week, as did IndustryWeek's feature on 2021 IW Best Plants winner Thermo Fisher Scientific, Greenville, North Carolina. 

Of course, those were not the only topics to rise to the top, as the following list shows. If you can't decide what to read on IndustryWeek, we've given you some ideas about where to begin.

  • Amazon-Backed Electric Vehicle Maker Rivian Announces IPO Read now.
  • 5 Manufacturing Roles that Will Soon Look Very Different Read now.
  • Commercial Mowing, Done Autonomously Read now.
  • 2021 IW Best Plants Winner: At Thermo Fisher Scientific, Developing Talent Is the Best Remedy Read now.
  • EV Supply Chain Expands with Michigan's New Semiconductor Wafer Plant Read now.
  • Michelin vs. the Meteors: Facing Off Against Upstarts, Amazon Read now.
  • Manufacturing's Ego Problem Read now.
  • Ida’s Impact: Plastics & Chemical Companies Affected by Storm, Power Loss Read now.
  • Autonomous Vehicle Company Nuro to Build its First US Manufacturing Plant Read now.
  • China’s Digital Yuan Is All about Data—and, Perhaps, Control Read now.
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