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Try These Titles: IW's Top 10

Sept. 17, 2021
Read the most-read content in the past seven days, as chosen by the IndustryWeek manufacturing community.

IndustryWeek's Top 10 most-read content over the past week includes an interesting mix of topics, from a salute to IW Best Plants winner Brose Tuscaloosa to the latest, alleged, ransomware attack on a big manufacturer and the potential challenges in traveling to China. The vaccine-or-test mandate continues to capture the interest of our manufacturing community, as demonstrated by its top position on our weekly list. 

As per our usual reminder, this content is just a sliver of the full offerings available on the IndustryWeek website. 

  • Biden Orders Vaccine-or-Test Mandate for Private Employers Read now.
  • 2021 IW Best Plants Winner: Brose Tuscaloosa's Drive for Innovation Read now. 
  • Can We Rename the ‘8 Wastes’ Already? Read now.
  • Get Out and Talk to Your Suppliers, I Beg of You Read now.
  • Need to Travel to China? Yes, It’s Possible, However… Read now.
  • 5 Manufacturing Roles that Will Soon Look Very Different Read now.
  • Olympus Alleged Falls Victim to BlackMatter Ransomware Attack Read now.
  • China’s Digital Yuan Is All about Data—and, Perhaps, Control Read now.
  • Optimizing Labor to Combat Worker Shortage Read now.
  • Automation Is Not to Blame for Growing Income Inequality Read now.
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