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Goodwill, Ghosting and the Great Resignation: IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads

Feb. 4, 2022
Catch up with the Top 10 most read articles on IndustryWeek over the past seven days.

Earnings season is in full swing, and results released by Nucor and General Motors nabbed the attention of our IndustryWeek audience over the past seven days. These bits of news were only part of the story of the past week, however, as goodwill, ghosting and the Great Resignation all captured lots of looks. 

As per usual at week's end, we share with you the most read content on IndustryWeek.com over the past seven days, plus one editor's selection that may reflect any time frame. 

If you haven't had an opportunity to stay abreast of this content over the past week, we hope this package of top reads provides easy access to catch up. Additionally, we encourage you to visit all of the other great content we offer. 

Supplier Goodwill toward OEMs Has Run Dry: Years of being treated as the OEMs' personal slush fund has drained their trust.

Leadership Accountability: What Board Members Should Be Asking Themselves and Their CEO: Two-thirds of senior executives say they don't have the leadership culture they need to drive their company's success.

Are Job Candidates Ghosting You? It's You, Not Them: Begin with an honest look at what kind of workplace community you offer candidates, and take action from there.

Leadership on Point: Don't Be Resigned to the Great Resignation: Leaders either create companies where people want to work--or they don't.

US-China Trade Relations in 'Difficult' Stage: U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai gave an update Monday on the status of trade discussions between the United States and its main rival in trade.

Barra: Chip Constraints Will Ease in Second Half: On the heels of GM’s fourth-quarter results, its CEO teases announcements of a third EV truck plant and a fourth battery factory.

GE Appliances Pilots Autonomous Electric Vehicle for Materials Runs: The autonomous Pod truck makes for happier employees and smoother operations.

Pharma Giants to Pay $590 Million to US Native Americans Over Opioids: Johnson & Johnson, for its part, agreed to pay $150 million over two years to all the tribes, of which $18 million are destined for the Cherokee.

US Private Hiring Slumps in Ominous Labor Market Sign: Private payroll services firm ADP estimated that the U.S. lost 301,000 jobs in January, including 21,000 manufacturing jobs.

Nucor End Markets Still Showing ‘Very Robust’ Demand: Executives expect automotive clients to drive growth in 2022 and see the recent price drop in sheet products as temporary.

Editor's Choice:

5 Manufacturing Roles that Will Soon Look Very Different: The factory of the future will demand a whole new combination of skills.

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