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From Kaizen Roots to a Sweet Rebirth: IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads

April 8, 2022

Navistar throws open the doors of its first new U.S. truck plant in nearly 30 years. Stuckey's makes a sweet comeback. Amazon impacts manufacturing in ways you may not consider. These three topics are among the top 10 that grabbed the attention of our IndustryWeek manufacturing community over the past seven days. 

If you don't have time to fully catch up with your IndustryWeek.com reading and viewing, these 10 titles, as selected by our audience, are solid choices with which to spend your limited time. Nevertheless, we urge you to carve out additional opportunity to review the wealth of great content on IndustryWeek.com.

Without further ado: 

Culture Still Eats Strategy for Breakfast: It took us years to move from top-down to people-centric management, but the journey was worth it.

Navistar Opens the First US Truck Assembly Plant in Nearly 3 Decades: The San Antonio plant arrived on time and within its $250 million budget.

Stuckey’s Sweet, Sweet Comeback: After decades of highs and lows for her family business, Stephanie Stuckey is spearheading the brand’s recent rebirth.

How Does Amazon's Union Vote Affect Manufacturers? With high wages and free education, and now maybe a union, competition for talent heats up.

It’s About Time to Build Regional Supply Chains: Decades of outsourcing and offshoring have hollowed out the U.S. manufacturing sector.

Parker Hannifin Executive: Getting Back to Our Kaizen Roots: Stephen Moore, vice president of lean enterprise and quality, talks about how getting back to lean basics, 20 years into the company’s efforts, is bearing fresh results.

Measuring Up: Performance Metrics From the IW Best Plants: How do your manufacturing operations data stack up against top performers?

Department of Transportation Sets New CAFE Standards for Light-Duty Vehicles: The new standards will require passenger cars and light truck fleets to average 49 mpg by 2026.

Nucor Invests in Nuclear Small Modular Reactor Venture: NuScale has signed 20 MOUs and expects to have $10B+ in revenues by 2030.

Philip Crosby: Quality is Still Free: This article, which dates to 1995, shares quality commentary that remains true today.

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