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Ransomware Attacks, Late Payments and Workers Strike: IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads

May 13, 2022
This past week has been characterized by a lot of unsettling news in the world of manufacturing.

Late payments. Ransomware. Lagging wages. A worker strike. This past week has been characterized by a lot of unsettling news in the world of manufacturing, and it grabbed the attention of our IW manufacturing community in the past seven days.

There were more upbeat moments as well--Lordstown Motors and Foxconn sealed a deal that had looked shaky at moments, and a venture capital firm signaled its interest in innovative investment opportunities. 

We're sharing this content with you again. What follows are the Top 10 most-consumed pieces of content over the past week. Sit back, catch up, and then explore the remainder of IndustryWeek.com. 

US Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer Hit with Ransomware Attack: Does a recent donation to a Ukrainian relief fund hold a clue as to the origins of the attack?

Extended Supply Chains Are Going Away: What Comes Next? While champions of “bringing it back home” are understandably excited about the prospects of an American manufacturing renaissance, some challenges need to be addressed.

UAW Workers’ Strike at CNH Industrial Enters a Second Week: Over 1,000 workers at the agriculture equipment company began striking May 2.

Late Payments Up, Orders Down: a Canary in the Supply Chain Coalmine: Tradeshift's Global Trade Health index shows activity for manufacturing sector is '25% lower than expected.'

Manufacturing Wages Lag US Average in Era of Amazon: Manufacturing wages were once a stable way to make solid middle-income wages. What does it mean if they're not keeping up?

Toyota Ventures Calls for Innovation in 2022: The venture capital firm’s third call for investment opportunities targets Industry 4.0 and sustainable manufacturing.

Lordstown Motors, Foxconn Seal Their Deal: The companies’ contract manufacturing agreement has an initial term of 18 months and Foxconn has taken on 400 workers.

Robotic Welding, Extensive Automation Drive GE Appliances' South Carolina Water Heater Plant: Automated assembly and material transport highlight the water heater plant’s manufacturing technologies.

Trends for 3D Printing in 2022: A new survey outlines how manufacturers used 3D printing in 2021 and what they expect from the technology this year.

Whose ‘Proper Way’ Is It, Anyway? Good strategizing involves making room for other perspectives on your team.

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