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Failing Food Safety, Panasonic Picks Kansas and Boeing's MAX 10 Muddle: IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads

July 15, 2022
Here's what you and the IW manufacturing community were reading over the past seven days on IndustryWeek.com.

From Boeing to Panasonic and Peloton to Jabil, big name manufacturers were making big news this past week--and the IndustryWeek manufacturing community was taking notice. What follows are the top 10 most-consumed items on IndustryWeek.com in the past seven days, plus one Editor's Choice selection. We invite you to take a few minutes and catch up with the news you may have missed. 

As per usual, we also urge you to stick around and peruse the wealth of great articles, videos and other content designed to help the IW audience improve their operations. 

Without further ado:

Boeing Says 737 MAX 10 Could be Cancelled: Boeing Chief Executive Dave Calhoun told Aviation Week that shelving the MAX 10 "is not that threatening" in light of some of the other challenges the company has faced in recent years.

So that Happened: Virtual Work Leads to Nausea, Manufacturers Explain How Science Works, Peloton Throws in the Towel on Manufacturing: Plus, Lordstown Motors’ alpha dog takes a nap, Mercedes-Benz puts its money where its mouth is and Pascagoula, Mississippi’s largest single employer looks to add 2,000 jobs.

Pop Quiz: Test Your Manufacturing Knowledge, 2022 Edition: How wide and deep is your manufacturing knowledge? Take this brief quiz and find out.

EPA Power Plant Ruling Could Have Broader Effects for Industry: OSHA’s emergency vaccine standard was paused on similar Supreme Court logic.

The Food Safety System Is Failing: The FDA is slow to act and lacks transparency.

Staffing Misalignment Among Labor Woes: Recruiting, overtime and onboarding costs are also affecting the bottom line.

How the US Economy Lost Its Independence, and Workers Their Livelihoods: The postindustrial service economy was a panacea that didn’t pan out.

Panasonic Picks Kansas to House New $4 Billion EV Battery Plant: The new factory could create as many as 4,000 new jobs, the company said.

Manufacturing Achieves Pre-Pandemic Employment Levels After Months of Incremental Gains: The overall economy added 372,000 new workers last month while manufacturers added 29,000.

Jabil's Greenhouse-Gas-Slashing Plan: Good Data, Equipment Upgrades, In-House Energy Production: To make a true impact on the environment, we need to think differently.

Editor's Choice: 

Lean Works Better with Coffee: Hot beverages have been an important bit player for me in tough troubleshooting situations. (Editor's Note: Ford Motor Co.'s Saso Krstovski, author of this article, will present at the 2022 Manufacturing & Technology Show, an IndustryWeek leadership event. 

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