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White-Collar Cuts, Lean Leadership Lacking and Embracing IIoT: IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads

Aug. 26, 2022
Enjoy the most-viewed content on IndustryWeek.com, as selected by the IW manufacturing community.

We've reached the conclusion of another week, and it's time to share with you what the IndustryWeek manufacturing community has been reading or viewing over the past seven days. What follows is a list of the Top 10 most visited pieces of content, led by Ford's announcement that it will pare back its white-collar workforce.

Enjoy this list of resources, and then peruse the remainder of IndustryWeek.com for more great content. 

Ford to Cut 3,000 White-Collar Jobs in EV Reorganization: In a Monday memo, company executives said the move is meant to cut costs.

Lean Won’t Work if Leadership Won’t Change: Too often, the messaging is mistakenly centered on employees using the tools-in-a-box provided to change their own behavior.

Department of Labor Accuses Alabama Hyundai Supplier of Employing Minors: SL Alabama, LLC is the second Hyundai supplier in the state accused of using child labor in as many months.

To Address Labor Shortages, Manufacturers Must Become Talent Creators: Upskilling and reskilling of existing employees is also a vital piece of this employment puzzle.

John Deere Takes an Agile Approach to an ERP Upgrade: The old system was too hard to use and unintuitive.

‘Go Where the Work Is Being Done,’ and Other Lessons for Emerging Leaders: Takeaways from a learning session with rising managers.

Supplier Development Is Supply Management: Well-run OEMs recognize they have some responsibility to recognize suppliers with potential.

Moving Past ESG’s PR Problem: Despite the hype and the frustrations, there is a growing recognition that the concept’s core tenets are good for business.

Factory Talk #9: Ashleigh Walters, President, Onex: Walters talks about her approach to leadership at Erie, Pennsylvania, furnace manufacturer Onex, which has undergone a transformation from a command-and-control culture to a continuous-improvement culture.

Penn Color Embraces IIoT to Fuel Growth Opportunities: A simple data collection and analysis system increases asset utilization by one-third.

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