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Adventures in Electric, Reports of Reshoring and Lessons in Leadership: IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads

Oct. 21, 2022
Our IW manufacturing community also found more topics to embrace this past week, including smart manufacturing, job retention and climate tax credits.

Reshoring, electric vehicles and the inflection point for additive manufacturing attracted the attention of the IndustryWeek manufacturing community this past week. Those weren't the only topics to catch their eyes. What follows is our weekly rundown of the top 10 most-viewed items over the past seven days.

We invite you to catch up with all 10 of these items, if you haven't read them over the past week. And if time does not permit a full review, consider this a list of suggestions from manufacturers like yourself. Without further ado: 

Schneider, Deere Investing $76M in Reshoring Projects: The expansion work will take place in Louisiana, Kentucky and Nebraska.

Why Smart Manufacturing Is a Dumb Idea: It always astounds me when leaders think the silver bullet to improving can be found everywhere but in their own employees.

‘Be Deliberately and Relentlessly Clear’: Lessons from Goodyear and Beyond: Standards are not monuments, but they are the core of consistency.

Failures and Consolidation of Startup EV Companies on the Horizon: A slowing economy and higher interest rates could well accelerate the maturation—and consolidation—of the electric vehicle industry.

Charging into the Future with Electric Vehicles: ‘We’re Still Learning Every Day’: The IndustryWeek Manufacturing & Technology Show launched with a wide-ranging discussion of EV manufacturing. Panelists from Ultium Cells, Lincoln Electric, Eaton and Cirba Solutions shared insights..

The Story Employees Tell About Their Jobs Can Determine Retention: If a story about the company that demonstrates company culture is told through the eyes of an employee, it creates a realistic view of company culture increasing retention.

3 Ways Additive Is Shaping the Factory of the Future: We are at an inflection point, where the pressure to upgrade unresponsive supply chains and wasteful processes are intersecting with a maturity adoption curve for 3D printing.

6 New Climate Tax Credits that Benefit Manufacturers: The Inflation Reduction Act brings new savings for energy-efficient investments.

IW US 500: Top Chemical Manufacturers: The largest producers of chemical products from the IW U.S. 500 list of largest publicly traded manufacturing companies in the country.

Leadership Through the Lens of the Last Two Years: The IndustryWeek Manufacturing & Technology Show kicks off its second day with a keynote presentation detailing how Moen executives managed the challenges that 2020 and 2021 threw at manufacturers.

Editor's Choice

Faces of Manufacturing 2022: Constant Challenge, Call for Creativity, 'No Dull Moments': We asked manufacturing workers to tell us why they love their profession. Here are their stories.

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