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From Building Happy to Bankruptcy Blues: IndustryWeek's Weekly Reads

Nov. 4, 2022
Read our Top 10 list, as selected by the IndustryWeek manufacturing community.

This week's top reads at IndustryWeek.com have a decidedly talent-based focus. The UAW calling for a union election at Ultium Cells, entry-level manufacturing workers sharing their top reasons to stay with a company, and GM building happier employees are three of the most-read pieces in the past seven days. 

Of course, these examples are merely a sample of the great reads at IndustryWeek.com. Here is our weekly Top 10 list:   

Stellantis China Jeep Joint Venture to File for Bankruptcy: Unlike German rival Volkswagen, which sold three million cars in China last year, Stellantis has never broken through there.

General Motors Builds Happier Employees with Additive Manufacturing: Creating parts for cars and tools for humans.

How Is Your State Advocating for Manufacturing? A strong public/private partnership can help propel growth

'What It Took to Get Us to Stay': Entry Level Manufacturing Workers Speak Up: The top reasons for staying with a company include pay, training and schedules.

Elevating Apprenticeships—and Other Ways for the US to Think Bigger on Talent: We need to consider reforms to aspects of our education system.

Is That Big Idea Worth Pursuing? Three manufacturers share their innovation tales and hard-earned lessons.

UAW Alleges Intentional Delay, Calls for Union Election at Ultium Cells Battery Factory: In a statement, the UAW said the GM-LG Energy Solution joint venture is dragging its feet to recognize union representation.

Manufacturing Growth Slows to Two-Year Low: The Institute for Supply Management’s key indicator for manufacturing growth slipped to 50.2% in October.

Survey: CFOs’ Attitudes Shift to Risk Management Over Growth: Automotive and transportation executives polled by U.S. Bank are most likely to lay off workers in the coming quarters.

IW U.S. 500: Top Electrical Equipment and Appliances Manufacturers: We didn't set out to make a list where every company was a least a century old, but it turns out that the electrical and appliance manufacturers that laid the groundwork for the U.S. manufacturing boom of the 1900s are mostly still dominating that field.

Editor's Choice: 

Vocabulary Quiz: How Well Do You Speak Lean? Do you use kaizen as a verb and CPK in casual conversation? Then test your word knowledge.

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