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AIM Global Sets RFID Data Access Security Guideline

Document examines solutions that prevent unauthorized access to data on RFID tag.

Recognizing an industry need for definitions and guidance about RFID-related data security, AIM Global has produced a document to assist system designers as they assess RFID systems and the potential vulnerabilities to the data communications.

The document looks at systemic solutions that prevent unauthorized or inadvertent access to data on an RFID tag and in an RFID system. It is intended to provide guidance to users and systems designers on potential threats to data security and countermeasures available to provide RFID data security.

For the purpose of this document, the RFID system is divided into modules that each has security elements. These modules are:

  • Tag,
  • Tag to reader,
  • Reader,
  • Reader to host,
  • Host (back-end enterprise) system

The scope of this document is restricted to the security aspects of the tag and tag-to-reader communication, and will provide some guidance to systems designers to help them determine potential threats and appropriate countermeasures for these modules.
This document is not intended to specifically address consumer privacy concerns.

The document, entitled "RFID-Guidelines on data access security" is available at the AIM Global online store at

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