Asia Not Up To Speed On SOA

In the Asian market including China, India, Singapore and Australia, only 21% of the 2,615 CIO and IT executives interviewed for a study on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) were familiar with the concept.

"While many major IT Vendors are banking on SOA as part of their growth strategy, it is clear that more needs to be done in educating the market on SOA and the benefits that it can provide," said Dane Anderson, vice president of research at Springboard Research. "While there has been considerable hype about SOA in the market, adequate awareness is not filtering down to the enterprise level which will be an adoption roadblock unless more education and market awareness takes place."

According the study, "The Service Oriented Architecture Market in Asia, 2005 to 2009: The Promised Land," released Sept. 5 by Springboard Research, a Singapore-based firm, 30% of the organizations surveyed were not sure of the benefits SOA would deliver. Other barriers to implementing SOA were other priorities (24%), legacy applications (17%), organizational issues (14%), funding limitations (10%) and a lack of IT skills (5%).

Of the organizations using SOA, the majority (54%) that were familiar with SOA have deployed it to achieve application integration. The second highest category (27%) was utilizing SOA to deliver Web services and Web applications, followed by organizations using SOA to achieve data integration across the enterprise (9%) and making services shareable across the enterprise (9%).

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