CFOs Get Better Handle On Global Regulatory Climate

New software captures more data necessary for compliance.

In an effort to help CFOs manage the complexities of global compliance, Infor introduced a new version of its SunSystems financial management solution.

"The role of the CFO has evolved to one of transaction manager, communicator and strategist as compliance requirements and competitive pressures place potential pitfalls in the way of business growth," said Andy Birch, senior director, Financial Solutions, Global Industry and Product Marketing Infor. "They are the conscience of the company, which means they must be able to quickly and efficiently interpret complex financial information into clear, decisive business performance strategies."

The enhanced FMS SunSystems 5.3 includes support for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and 2005 as well as Oracle 9i and 10g.

The latest version's enhancements include:

  • Auditability: Additional data is captured on ledger transactions to provide a more complete audit trail, enabling companies to better meet Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.
  • Ledger: Allows for specialized transaction numbering and types, such as payments and receipts.
  • Journal Reversals/Copying: Enables users to automate the reversal of selected transactions and journals.

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