Collaboration Just Got Easier For Small To Mid-Sized Companies

As many small to mid-sized companies still use Excel spreadsheets combined with phone and fax transmissions to manage their supply chains, the recent release of SCM Live 3.1, from Mitrix Inc. offers a new solution. Designed specifically with this market in mind, this Interent-based solution allows for a private trading community that provides near real-time updates.

One company who has signed up for this solution is Kawasaki Motors Corp.,U.S.A. "Kawasaki required a system that can monitor inventory levels across the entire supply chain, make production and distribution recommendations and execute orders," says Edward Lewis, CEO of Mitrix, an Irvine, Calif.-based provider of supply chain management solutions. "By automating Kawasaki's evaluation and execution process, we have eliminated most of the manual effort previously required. The company will manage inbound supplier shipments, transfer product to the appropriate distribution centers and seamlessly communicate with related trading partner systems."

Mitrix Inc.

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