Cross-Docking: By The Numbers

The top ten benefits to adopting a cross-docking strategy in your warehouse.

Cross-docking -- the process of receiving product and shipping it out the same day or overnight without putting it into storage -- is an increasingly popular best practice for companies as it addresses the need to become more efficient without adding overhead. In a survey of 547 supply chain professionals, the following are the top 10 benefits to adopting a cross-docking strategy:

23% Improved service level

17% Reduced transportation costs

14% Reduced need for warehouse space

11% Consolidated shipments to destination

9% Savings from reduced inventory carrying costs

5% Get products to market more quickly

5% Improved inventory management

5% Reduced labor costs

3% Increased demand for just-in-time service

2% Accommodate company growth

Source: Saddle Creek Corp.

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