The Debut Of An 'Intelligent" RFID Reader

Routing RFID information throughout the organization just got easier due to the fact that the Intermec's IF5 RFID reader is now embedded with IBM's WebSphere RFID Device Infrastructure (WRDI) software. Information can be routed and managed in a more thoughtful manner even from remote locations.

Network traffic is reduced as RFID data can be filtered and only the most pertinent information sent to a company's application server. Additionally the WRDI is based on a platform that can be integrated across all part of the company.

"As the proliferation of RFID deployments continue, the amount of data that flows between RFID tags and readers expands exponentially," said Intermec vice president Mike Wills. "Yet the benefits of RFID are only as good as the data that streams into the system. The combination of the IF5 and IBM's powerful middleware provides companies with an intuitive solution that turns the flow of data into business-critical information."

Intermec Technologies Corp.

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