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EU Puts Some Cash Behind RFID Initiative

To the tune of $9.48 million dollars (7.5 million euros), the BRIDGE (Building RFID solutions for the Global Environment) project is being supported by the European Union's Sixth Framework Program for Research and Technological Development, according to IT Backbone Web site. It's a three year initiative involving research, development and training on RFID. Thirty one global organizations are taking part in this project including universities in Europe and China, solutions providers, large scale retailers, manufacturers and SMEs.

"Since its inception, RFID has been hailed as the panacea for a more sophisticated and efficient global supply chain, but there are many questions to answer before this is realized," said Henri Barthel, technical director at EPCglobal. "Cross-industry participation in such a large scale project is a key to its success. The BRIDGE project will transform RFID from being an identification technology into providing an EPCglobal based product information network."

The study will look at specific uses of RFID in a variety of industries. For example in food manufacturing RFID will be evaluated for reducing waste and stock holding as well as improving visability and traceability of both products and equpment.

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