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Hitachi Opens "Mega-Manufacturing" Center In China

Tokyo-based, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, unveiled a new "mega-manufacturing" concept in Shenzhen, China on Feb. 16. This center places the entire supply chain of Hitachi's HDD production in a central location, whereby component manufacturing, supplier network, product assembly and final delivery are coalesced around a 60-kilometer radius of Shenzhen.

"Creating end-to-end production capability in a single region is an innovative approach to drive localized sourcing with co-location, to shorten lead times, reduce transportation expenses and more quickly respond to market needs," said Dirk Thomas, general manager, Hitachi GSP and president, Greater China, Hitachi GST.

Thomas also cited the Shenzhen government for its help in creating this facility. " The government has made great efforts to improve the city's overall infrastructure and has also been a great partner in working to help our suppliers relocate to Shenzhen," he explained.

The new facility will initially produce 3.5-inch hard disk drives and, ultimately, be capable of producing HDDs of varying form factors.

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies

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