M&A Scorecard

SAP and RedPrairie lead the way in the latest round of supply chain technology deals.

Both enterprise giant SAP and supply chain execution vendor RedPrairie have made two acquisitions each in recent weeks, as part of the continuing saga of the technology shakeout.

SAP has acquired Factory Logic, a lean manufacturing solutions provider, and Pilot Software, which provides performance management solutions. Meanwhile, RedPrairie has added to its warehouse management portfolio with its purchases of GEOCOMtms, a fleet management software company, and StorePerform Technologies, which offers store execution management solutions.

The following scorecard highlights significant corporate moves in the supply chain technology sector since our last update in the January 2007 IW.

Company/Product Parent Company Transaction Type Technology
Celequest Corp. Cognos acquisition operational dashboards
Concordia-Intel n/a launch supply chain intelligence
Factory Logic SAP acquisition lean manufacturing software
GEOCOMtms Inc. RedPrairie Corp. acquisition fleet management
LogicTools ILOG acquisition supply chain planning
Mincom Ltd. Francisco Partners acquisition (offer) ERP/asset management
PAS Inc. Honeywell acquisition (selected assets) advanced process control/optimization
Pilot Software SAP acquisition performance management
Precision Systems Parelec Inc. acquisition RFID
StorePerform Technologies Inc. RedPrairie Corp. acquisition store execution management
UGS Corp. Siemens acquisition PLM
WhereNet Corp. Zebra Technologies Corp. acquisition active RFID tags

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