Masteel Of China Taps Honeywell System For Process Control System

Company opts for advanced technology to keep competitive edge.

Masteel, one of China's largest iron and steel manufacturers, will implement Honeywell's IntelaTrac PKS, as well as design, engineering, commissioning, testing and maintenance services.

The advanced automated process control system with wireless technology will allow Masteel operators to upload all field information into a control center.

This helps operators gather field data more easily, increase asset life through continuous monitoring and improve employee safety. Additionally, the technology can help plants improve compliance, safety and security, reliability and optimization.

"China's iron and steel industry continues to grow rapidly, and the government's development strategy for these industries focuses on technology innovation and industry structure adjustment," said Thomas Liu, managing director, Greater China Region, Honeywell Process Solutions. "Technology like IntelaTrac and Uniformance can aid iron and steel manufacturers in meeting that requirement by making their operations more efficient, making sure their equipment is functioning properly and keeping workers safe. This helps them improve production capabilities and remain profitable."

Founded in 1958 and based in Anhui province, Masteel produces eight million tons of iron and steel per year. The company produces thin strips, high-speed wires, train wheels and steel H-beams.

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