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Metals Industry Is Using Dedicated Trucking

To meet the needs of its customers in the metals industry, ADS Logistics (ADS), LLC, a provider of logistics and supply chain solutions, offers nine different dedicated trucking programs.

"Everyone thinks it's all about rates, but it's not," states Tom Eatinger, general manager of ADS/AREA Transportation division based in Homewood, Ill. "Sure rates play a major role, but it's more a matter of finding the unique service offering to meet the customer's specific need.

"For example, a customer of AREA's had a routine, but not time-sensitive move that could move anytime, including during late evening hours or on the weekends. Together we determined that with set pick-up and delivery times, AREA could offer the customer our Dedicated Time Delivery program utilizing some of our equipment which has specific late-night and weekend off-hours. It's a win-win situation. We were able to offer the customer special off-hour pricing for the consistent delivery window, and turn idled equipment into revenue generating units,."

ADS Logistics

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