Need A Tool To Help Manage All Of Your RFID Information?

With the pilot phase of RFID quickly becoming the implementation stage, the need to manage massive amounts of information is imperative. To help companies manage the information expansion, Xpaseo, a Silicon Valley, Ca.-based RFID solutions provider, will embed components of Oracle's Sensor-Based Services into its XGate devices.

"Organizations implementing RFID are challenged with the full lifecycle of RFID management, from the RFID tag readers on the network through the data in the enterprise systems," said Chellappa Dhanukodi, CEO at Xpaseo. "Our collaboration with Oracle will help customers gain greater control on nearly every aspect of their RFID systems and allow them to scale as they bring more facilities on line with RFID." Companies can use existing enterprise software with XGate and manage the entire RFID network from a single interface.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc., a global manufacturer of factory automation products, is testing this new solution, for potential application at its logistic center. Testing will take place at its North American Development Center which controls the flow of Mitsubishi's manufactured products.


Xpaseo Inc.

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