New Freight Optimization Improves Sustainability

Solution reduces empty miles

LeanLogistics, a provider of SaaS transportation technology and supply chain services, recently announced the introduction of GreenLanes, a transportation and freight optimization program designed to improve sustainability and reduce empty miles for shippers and carriers across the U.S.

The LeanLogistics transportation cloud contains propriety algorithms together with dynamic supply and demand data from 32,000+ users and 7,000+ carriers, give GreenLanes members, including Diageo, CHEP and Chiquita.

Using massively parallelized rules-based modeling, transportation managers determine opportunities for round trips, continuous moves and Fractional Dedicated Truckload. Through an engineered solution using benchmarking network-wide coverage, rates, and performance, shippers obtain the best possible service and value from carriers, while carriers operate at optimum capacity. In most cases there is a reduction of empty miles from 15% to 20% down to 3% to 5%.

"We are able to indentify, even predict, opportunities for lane and load optimization, making the best use of available assets, which in turn reduces carbon footprint. This is a sustainable program for shippers and carriers," said Dan Dershem, CEO, LeanLogistics.

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