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New ISO Publications On Supply Chain Security

In an ongoing effort to protect people, goods, infrastructure and equipment, including means of transport against security incidents, ISO has issued two new documents in its ISO 28000 series.

"The new documents are designed to enable better monitoring of supply flows, to combat smuggling and to respond to the threat of piracy and terrorist attacks, as well as to create a safe and secure international supply chain regime," said Captain Charles Piersall, chair of ISO/TC 8.

The document entitled, "ISO/PAS 28001:2006, Security management systems for the supply chain -- Best practices for implementing supply chain security -- Assessments and plans" enables organizations to establish and document reasonable levels of security within international supply chains and their components. It provides an option for independent auditing of the security established by the operator which allows customs agencies to check and verify completed work rather than being directly involved in the assessment.

The second document, "ISO/PAS 28004:2006, Security management systems for the supply chain -- Guidelines for the implementation of ISO/PAS 28000," will assist users in understanding and implementing ISO/PAS 28000:2005. It includes the complete requirements of ISO/PAS 28000.

To order ISO/PAS 28001:2006 visit:

To order ISO/PAS 28004 visit:

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