New RFID Tag For Harsh Industrial Environment

Sokymat SA, a Granges, Switzerland-based RFID supplier, announced last week the launch of a new RFID tag designed specifically for harsh industrial and outdoor environments. The tag, named IN Tag, can be used in high thermal or mechanical stress conditions. Examples include items that undergo hot water cleaning processes or are used in other high temperature environments found in some heavy industries.

"The success of an RFID project is proven not when a pilot runs well for a few months, but when 100% of a large number of tags still work reliably and consistently for many years after their deployment," says Philippe Held, business unit manager at Sokymat.

The IN Tag complies with the stipulations of the new EU directive 02/72/EC and can be used in contact with food and drinks. It can withstand peak temperatures of up to 140C for many hours. Due to a new generation thermoplastic casing, the tag also has a high chemical stability level and is resistant to most standard industrial chemicals.

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