New RFID Testing Center In Canada

IBM Canada, Symbol Technologies, Intermec Technologies and EPCglobal Canada combined forces to open a $1.7 million Canadian RFID Centre. The Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors, Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers, Canadian Produce Marketing Assoc., Food and Consumer Products of Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada were also founding members of the this facility which is the first in North America to demonstrate the use of Gen 2 technology. Initially, the center provides manufacturers, producers, distributors and retailers in the food industry a place to experience RFID technology but eventually the center will expand to other industries.

"A key driver for RFID adoption is the development of standards, which will eliminate proprietary systems, helping to reduce supply chain costs and increase competition across multiple industries," said N. Arthur Smith, CEO, EPCglobal Canada.

For more information or to book a visit go to:

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