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OMRON RFID Introduces The EPC Gen 2 "Wave" Tag

OMRON, a Kyoto, Japan-based company that has been operating in the RRID field for 20 years, is introducing the V750 Series Gen 2 (C1G2) "Wave" tag. This EPC Gen 2 tag can be used in all global UHF frequencies. UHF RFID communication bands are specified for use between 860 MHz and 960 MHz by international standards.

According to OMRON RFID chief strategist Bill Arnold, "Acceptable read/write performance has only been possible through the use of a different tag design optimized for each regional frequency band. Demand is growing for a single RFID tag that can perform in all UHF RFID frequencies. RFID-fueled global commerce will benefit because product manufacturers can choose just one tag design for use around the world."


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