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RFID In China: Standards And Applications Vary Widely

Depending on the technology, application of RFID in China is at various stages of use. According to ABI Research analyst Junmei He, the (IS014443) HF standard enjoys the largest market in China via applications in identification, transportation and highway toll collection. The HF market, using IS015693, is currently small but is expected to experience strong growth in the future. And the LE RFID market is mature and has been widely applied in markets such as access control applications, internet cafes and campuses.

As far as the UHF market, Junmei He says, "People look to the government's UHF timetable, but they neglect the fact that high costs, technological immaturity and unclear ROI inhibit the large scale application of RFID." As far as seeing a national UHF RFID standard published next year in China, ABI Research weighs in against this happening.

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