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RFID Enabled Manufacturing Grows Dramatically By 2008

More than 50% of manufacturers surveyed for the "The RFID Benchmark Series: Scaling RFID Implementations from Pilot to Production" report by AbderdeenGroup have automated or will automate their RFID tagging processes in the next 24 months by integrating with manufacturing execution and material handling systems.

The report revealed that manufacturers expect to have between 2 and 10 of their sites RFID enabled by 2008.

"For the first time, reliability of RFID technology trumped cost as the leading consideration in RFID technology selection," says John Fontanella, senior vice president of research, "That tells me companies expect RFID to be an integral part of operations going into the future."

The report found that RFID middleware is growing with more companies planning on using network appliances and smart readers to manage RFID technology and administrative processes.

When looking to integrate RFID data, the report advises companies not to allow RFID implementations to become "islands of technology and information." Additionally RFID strategies should be used as the "first step in planning how edge technologies will be integrated into the enterprise."

The report, under, underwritten by BEA Systems, Odin Technologies, Reva Systems and Xterprise, Inc., can be viewed at:

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