RFID Is Performing Well At Warehouses In Europe

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), which provides guidance on the installation and operation of RFID systems within Europe, reports that the reading performance at warehouses across Europe is improving.

The testing, which occurred in May, achieved a reading performance of 98.5%, compared to a best effort performance of 91-96% in January's tests.

"Overall the results from the trials have been encouraging. Equipment now exists that is able to operate satisfactorily in Europe, but there is a way to go as end users call for even higher reading performance," said John Falck, chairman of ETSI Task Group 34.

These results clear the way for RFID implementation at locations which have small to medium levels of activities. The busiest warehouses are still at issue. ESTI hopes to show some improvement in this area in the coming year.

For more information see: www.etsi.org

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