ROI On RFID Is Not A Sure Bet

Over half of the manufacturers surveyed by the Warehousing Education and Research Council, an Oak Brook, Il.-based trade association, do not expect to get a return on investment when it comes to RFID. According to a report titled, "RFID in the Warehousing Industry," 55% do not believe RFID expenditures will pay off. Some companies however, are seeing the benefits of RFID for applications involving the pallet and case tracking level.

The survey reported that 14% of the respondents are implementing RFID in either pilot or ongoing projects and the rest of the group is divided between those who are considering RFID, 44%, and those who have no current plans, also 44%. With the large investment necessary to implement an RFID system, larger companies are more willing to allocate resources for this technology than medium and smaller companies.

"RFID continues to be the buzz around today's warehouses and distribution centers. As more companies try to get a handle on this technology, it's helpful to see specific data on what others are doing in terms of implementation and the barriers they are facing in the process," said Robert Shaunnessey, executive director, WERC. "This report shows that while some companies are moving forward, there are still many who have reservations."

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