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A Rugged Reusable RFID Tag

The RFID tag just got tougher. The new Intermec RFID large rigid tag will be able to withstand extreme temperatures (-40 to 250F and -40 to 121C) as well as exposure to hazardous chemicals materials. The tags, which can perform on metal, plastic and wood are available in EPCglobal Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6B versions.

The tags are also reusable, which brings costs down to fractions of a scent according to Everett, Wash.-based Intermec.

Additionally the fact that the tags can be rewritten on and can survive a variety of climates including tough industrial environments, allows companies to use a single tag to track subassembles, work-in-process components, finished goods, material handling equipment and logistics containers through production and the supply chain.

"RFID-based inventory and asset tracking systems are high-priority projects for enterprises because they address the chaotic business conditions that few other technologies can," said Jeff Woods, research vice president for enterprise and supply chain management, Gartner Group. "Now that a number of businesses are deploying RFID, the IT department has to find ways to reduce total cost of ownership. Reusable tags that can be used globally, even in extreme environments, can address a real-world problem that many face today."

Intermec Inc.

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