Sun Microsystems Expands RFID Portfolio

Sun's new version of its Java System RFID software, designed for Java technology, eliminates the need for external middleware in data processing. The software allows readers and appliances to process information directly on the hardware.

Sun is working with a number of RFID reader and device companies including: Intermec, SIS Technologies and ThingMagic to help create the next generation of 'smart' RFID readers and devices.

"The ability to run the Sun Java System RFID Software directly on the SIS Mustang appliance is key to helping us simplify our customer's RFID infrastructure needs while increasing their ability to support and maintain the environments. As RFID networks expand, so to does the cost of supporting the RFID infrastructure. Sun's multi-platform Java technology-based RFID software combined with our Mustang appliance, creates a self-healing network where downtime is virtually eliminated, leading to a more significant return on investment (ROI)," said Sean Clark, director, RFID Solutions, SIS Technologies, LTD.

Java technology plays an important role in the RFID device market as is has already been installed on more than two billion embedded devices, up by 14% since June 2004.

This latest RFID software version supports EPCglobal ALE (Application Level Events) specifications for intelligent data processing and filtering.

Sun Microsystems

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