Supply Chain Executives Give Nod Of Approval To RFID

Manufacturing supply chain executives rate RFID (radio frequency identification) and EPC (electronic product code) technologies as being an important factor in their supply chain management operations. In an EPCglobal US survey of 400 U.S. supply chain executives in advanced manufacturing, consumer products, healthcare and life sciences, retail and other major industries, 85% rated RFID and EPC as important.

Interestingly, manufacturers gave higher marks, 87%, to these technologies as compared to their retail counterparts who gave an 80% important rating.

"The success of EPC on a global scale depends on having a single standard to which the entire supply chain industry can adhere," said Mike Meranda, president of EPCglobal US, "and on securing specifications that are as royalty-free as possible. Both of these issues are among the very highest priorities of EPCglobal."

EPCglobal has ratified several EPC standards, including the Generation 1 and UHF Generation 2 protocol standards. Other standards are also under development to address specific needs in software and specific industries such as transportation and logistics, and healthcare and life sciences.

EPCglobal US

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