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UPS Launches Intercept Service

Web-enabled program operates 24/7.

UPS Delivery Intercept is a new automated service that allows customers to intercept and reroute packages before they're delivered.

Using this Web-enabled service, a customer would use a UPS package application such as UPS WorldShip, UPS CampusShip or UPS Internet Shipping, click on the 1Z tracking number and request a reroute. Interception requests also can be made through a customer's account as well as via UPS Signature Tracking.

The intercept service can be accessed 24/7 for packages being shipped from and to anywhere in the United States and Puerto Rico. Customers can receive notification of the requested and successful interceptions. Similarly, receivers also can view the intercept status when they track the package on any UPS visibility system. UPS Delivery Intercept costs $10 per interception.

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