Rohm and Haas Supports Safety Initiative for Students

Education program will now be extended to 160 schools.

Rohm and Haas Co. awarded a four-year, $60,000 grant to The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) in support of ScaleUp, the Student Membership Initiative, specifically for the expansion of the Safety and Chemical Engineering Education program (SACHE).

The SACHE program has been available to a limited number of colleges and universities since its inception in 1986. The program will now be available to approximately 160 schools as the result of the initiative.

"The safety curriculum gives students a foundation in chemical process safety that they wouldn't necessarily have had otherwise. This translates into a safer workplace for the students, employees, and residents living near facilities," explained Barbara Del Duke, North American Communications Specialist at Rohm and Haas.

SACHE (Safety and Chemical Engineering Education) offers a wealth of on-line products designed to assist faculty and independent-study students who want to add safety elements to their curriculum. Beyond the chemical industry, SACHE targets the pharmaceutical, petroleum, biological, and microchip industries. Materials are developed by industry experts to ensure that the concepts have relevant applications in the professional sector.

Rohm and Haas Company's Responsible Neighbor Programs work to advance the economic, social, and environmental quality of life in the communities where Rohm and Haas operates and its employees live through giving, volunteerism and community dialogue. The company also promotes science, technology and mathematics education, environmental and safety concerns.

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