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Training Program Caters to Displaced Auto Workers

Training Program Caters to Displaced Auto Workers

Maintenance company offers robotics repair courses.

A region hit hard by auto industry layoffs has reason for a little hope with a new training program recently launched by Warren, Mich.-based Industrial Control Repair Inc. The industrial electronic and mechanical repair service provider is offering courses at its Learning Institute in robotics repair, robotic hemming and welding.

In the past, the company has provided training for U.S. automakers, but this is the first time Industrial Control Repair has offered its courses to the public. The company also offers classes to students who meet the eligibility requirements for Michigan's No Worker Left Behind program, which was implemented by Gov. Jennifer Granholm to provide displaced workers with up to two years of free tuition at any Michigan community college or approved training program.

"Today's economy has forced employers to make changes not only in the way they produce various products but also in the skill sets they require of their workforce," says Cindy Lang, director of the Learning Institute. "Employees need to recognize these changes and prepare themselves for these new challenges."

Learning Institute director Cindy Lang trains student Anton Wuerzinger on a robot controller.
The robotics repair, or Automation Service Technician, program consists of 320 course hours broken down into segments that provide students with programming and troubleshooting skills on various control systems. The course work is designed to prepare students for the growing use of robotics in not only the automotive industry but also pharmaceutical, packaging, plastics, hazardous waste removal and food processing.

The courses are taught by certified instructors with 12 or more years of experience working in the programming and troubleshooting fields for various types of equipment and processes.

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