U.S. Manufacturing Layoffs Fall In May

On both a seasonally adjusted and unadjusted basis, the number of "mass" layoffs in U.S. manufacturing fell last month, as did the number of workers affected.

Seasonally adjusted, mass layoffs totaled 359 in May, down from 395 in April, the U.S. Labor Department reported on June 23. The number of workers affected by layoffs declined to 53,243 last month from 63,121 in April.

Data unadjusted for seasonal variations show food and transportation equipment with the largest number of layoffs in May: 52 in food and 40 in transportation equipment. In manufacturing overall, the unadjusted data show 249 layoffs affecting 30,424 workers taking place in May, down from 395 layoffs affecting 59,129 workers in April.

The Labor Department defines a mass layoff as an action affecting at least 50 people at a single establishment.

TAGS: The Economy
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