The Workforce: Three Perspectives

Different people view the U.S. manufacturing workforce, well, differently. IndustryWeek invited three people to share their perspectives.

Bill McDermott is the president and CEO of SAP America, Inc. and a corporate officer of SAP AG. He is a member of the Education & the Workforce Task Force of Business Roundtable, a Washington, D.C.-based association of CEOs. Click here to read McDermott's perspective.

John J. Sweeney is president of the 9 million-member AFL-CIO. Click here to read Sweeney's perspective.

Charles Handy is a social philosopher living in London. A former RoyalDutch/Shell executive, an economist, and a professor at the London Business School, he is the author of such works as The Age of Unreason and The Age of Paradox. His latest book is Myself and Other More Important Matters, published in May in the UK by William Heinemann. Forthcoming is The New Philanthropists, to be published in October 2006. Click here to read Handy's perspective.

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