Penske Logistics, ABX Logistics Join Forces

Penske Logistics is looking to Brussels-based ABX Logistics' expertise in freight forwarding to add value to its customer's supply chain management.

The two companies will offer customers cost savings via fewer shipments, analytic capabilities for improved inventory control and a focus on Six Sigma-driven processes, according to a statement.

"Customers continue to expand globally to get closer to emerging markets and reduce operating costs. However, expansion also increases the complexity of their supply chains and the range of supply chain management sophistication varies country-to-country, creating quality issues and inefficiencies. The Penske-ABX Logistics alliance is focused on providing solutions to solve these issues for customers on a global basis," said Vince Hartnett, president, Penske Logistics.

Customers of both companies will be able to "see" where their goods are in the supply chain in a virtually real-time environment through an integrated proprietary IT system. This may range from when a shipment arrived or left a specific distribution center or port to when the shipment will clear customs in a specific country.

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