RFID Market Expands To Aerospace

Boeing and Airbus are now working with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to formalize UHF RFID certification for systems to track aircraft parts according to Erik Michielsen, ABI Research's director of RFID. A new study entitled, " The RFID Aerospace and Defense Market" discusses the specifics of the mandates in the aerospace market.

"The airline industry is obviously profit-based," explains Michielsen, of the New York-based group, ABI Research. "They want efficient manufacturing, supply chain and asset tracking systems to create economical business models. With the Department of Defense, RFID is not about business models: it's about improving military operations efficiency in acquiring materiel from suppliers and making sure it gets to units in the field. These are massive, aggressive and very complex initiatives that will be major factors driving RFID's adoption."

To view the report visit http://www.abiresearch.com/products/market_research/RFID_Aerospace_and_Defense_Market

ABI Research

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